Maada'ookiing Grassroots
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Indigenous people are actively resilient and rich in creative solutions that strengthen and sustain Indigenous community, and this program provides support to grassroots, Indigenous-led community building that happens outside of formally organized groups or organizations. Maada'ookiing (“the distribution” in Ojibwe) seeks to strengthen relationships with Indigenous community, build partnerships with Native Nations, and offer support for community members to expand capacity in Northeast Minnesota.

A grant opportunity offers funding up to $2,500 for Tribal citizens, descendants, or those have kinship ties or affiliation to Indigenous communities within the foundation’s geographic service area. Grants might be used for projects and activities that support Indigenous youth; strengthen access to Indigenous language, cultural, and spiritual practices; sustain Tribal sovereignty; build Indigenous economy, and more. Grants are awarded three times each year.

Land Acknowledgement

The Northland Foundation's geographic service area rests on ceded territory established by the Treaties of 1837, 1854, 1855, and 1866 between the Anishinaabe/Ojibwe Nations and the United States government. This region is the traditional homelands of the Ojibwe, Dakota, Northern Cheyenne, and other Native Nations, and Indigenous people continue to live here. We humbly acknowledge that we are on traditional Indigenous land that holds a long history that continues to grow. Our relationships today shape and define our ongoing shared history. Together, we are actively building mutual respect based on trust and understanding. See a more detailed acknowledgement of this land and its history.


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