Northland Village-McGregor
22027 420th Street
McGregor, MN  55760
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Northland Village-Buhl
500 E. Monroe Drive
PO Box 688
Buhl, MN  55713
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Northland Village-Hoyt Lakes
421 Kennedy Memorial Drive
Hoyt Lakes, MN 55750
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Compassion and a strong work ethic
shine through

Being part of the direct care staff in one of the Northland Foundation’s three assisted living facilities is no desk job. Whether housekeeping, serving meals, delivering medications, or providing other care for the senior residents, it is busy hours of on-your-feet work.

“I learn a lot from the residents. After having days off I can’t wait to come back to work.”

–Shaina Holter, TMA,
Hoyt Lakes

Shaina Holter, a Certified Nursing Assistant and Trained Medication Administrator at Northland Village – Hoyt Lakes’ Assisted Living Community, brings more than just high energy to her position. She is a stellar example that dependability, focus on quality, and enthusiasm for the job and the people truly matter.

Having started at the Hoyt Lakes location when it first opened in May 2011, she has steadily built her skills over time.

“Shaina is one of many staff members who go the extra mile,” states Brad Sandnas, Director of Assisted Living for the Northland Foundation. “She knows the residents and their needs like no other.”

Shine on, Shaina.