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Dave and Kathryn Clusiau

Dave and Kathryn Clusiau go back a long way with the Northland Foundation.

In the early 1990s, Dave participated in the Blandin Foundation’s leadership program for adults and wanted to create a similar opportunity for young leaders in his community. The Northland Foundation’s KIDS PLUS Program was already connecting kids to their communities in the region, so Dave approached Northland with his idea. The seed he planted took root. Since then, more than 1,000 teens have experienced the resulting leadership program.

A few years later, Dave joined the Northland Foundation Board of Trustees where he served 10 years including as Chair. The Clusiau’s became beloved members of the “Northland family”.

“It took me a while to really understand everything that Northland does,” stated Dave, “but after I began attending events and site visits to grantees, I saw the close connection of this great organization of caring individuals reaching out to support others.”

Dave, as a local business owner himself, was also struck by the Foundation’s regional role in economic development and business financing.

“Because of all of this, it was easy for me to support Northland as a Trustee. And, when I was preparing to leave the Board after my 10 years of service, it was equally easy for Kathryn and me to make the commitment of a legacy gift.

“We feel blessed to be part of the Northland family, and we wanted to make a contribution to continue the work Northland Foundation long into the future.”

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