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Diane J. Rauschenfels

Diane Rauschenfels is a retired, lifelong educator originally from Biwabik who today lives on the banks of the sparkling St. Louis River. She quietly and generously invests her time and money into causes that she cares about. The Northland Foundation is fortunate to be among them.

Diane has served on Northland’s Board of Trustees for nearly ten years, most recently as Chair. She played a leadership role in helping Northland establish a Major and Planned Giving Initiative. She also became the first Legacy Friend of the Northland by revisiting her will to include a gift to the Northland Foundation.

“It was a good time then, to say, ‘What else is important to me?’ and the Northland Foundation is important,” she explained.

“In her nine years of work here on the Foundation she has looked out for children and youth, seniors, small business development, really leading through all the generational change that is happening in our region,” said Tony Sertich, President of the Northland Foundation, “and we are so very thankful.”

To Diane, it’s meaningful that she can continue to support the region she loves, even after her lifetime, and that she can help our community rise to new heights.

“I’ve been blessed with what I’ve been able to do, what I’ve been able to accomplish, how I’ve been able to serve. This is another way I can do that,” concluded Diane.

See Diane's giving story on video.


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