July – October 2022 Grant Awards

During the 3rd quarter of 2022, the Northland Foundation awarded 30 quarterly grants totaling $796,000 to support people and communities for a thriving region. Seven grants were made in partnership with State of Minnesota funding to expand child care in the region, with $95,000 in total going to child care entities in Cloquet, Duluth, Ely, Finland, and Grand Marais.

A number of grants went toward school and community based out-of-school time programs, including $50,000 toward the creation of a tech hub to provide learning and enrichment opportunities for students in the Deer River area and $100,000 for children and youth programming in Duluth’s Central Hillside neighborhood. A large percentage of children and youth in both these communities live in low-income households.

Basic needs supports comprised a significant share of grants funded last quarter, as well, with $300,000 awarded to increase affordable and emergency housing, medical care, food, winter clothing and other essentials.

“Supporting high quality, safe and nurturing programming for youth after school is a critical need and one that the Northland Foundation places a high priority on. We are honored to support this important work that helps youth develop to their fullest potential,” stated Director of Grantmaking, Erik Torch.

In addition, the students serving on the 2022-2023 Youth In Philanthropy Board awarded three grants in October totaling $2,500 to support regional school and community projects planned and developed by children and youth.

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