Funding Partners

The Northland Foundation's work can only be accomplished with the generous support of contributions from foundations, governmental agencies, businesses, and individuals.

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funding partners

Giving threaded with generosity and gratitude

For Steve Downing and Kathy Dodge, Grand Rapids is simply “home”. Steve’s family goes back three generations. Kathy has lived here since the early 1970s. Their connections to this place run deep.

For Steve, living near his large, close-knit family and the great outdoors are among the ties that bind him to his hometown. Kathy appreciates Grand Rapids’ friendliness, the enviable arts scene, and how generously local people share their time and talents.

Speaking of generous, Steve has given 10 years of service to the Northland Foundation Board of Trustees, spending two years as the Chair. The pair have volunteered their time at dozens of Foundation events, such as cheering on young people from across the region at the annual Youth In Philanthropy and Youth Leadership Academy year-end celebrations.

The couple’s relationships in the region and with the Northland Foundation recently moved them to become Legacy Friends of the Northland by including the Foundation in their estate plans.

“The Northland Foundation has been such an important part of our lives,” said Steve, “we wanted to formalize our gratitude. We also hope that by becoming Legacy Friends we might inspire others to do the same.”


Steve and Kathy


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