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Funding partners support healthy social emotional development of young children

Essentia Health provides key support for Thrive, bolstering infant and early childhood mental health in the region

Essentia Health
has renewed major funding support for the Northland Foundation's Thrive Initiative with a $20,000 grant.

“Thrive's pivotal work continues thanks to dedicated partners like Essentia Health, who provide crucial support for health and well-being in the region,” stated Tony Sertich, President of the Northland Foundation.

Thrive supports an active coalition of nearly 400 mental health, early childhood, education, and social services professionals from diverse organizations and agencies in the area. They convene regularly throughout the year, focused on building knowledge and strengthening resources that support social-emotional health for children birth to age eight and their families.

Medica Foundation grant will support training efforts in northeastern Minnesota

The Northland Foundation has been awarded a $5,000 Rural Health Grant from the Medica Foundation.

Resources from the Medica Foundation will directly support training sessions focused on early childhood topics, including supporting social-emotional health of young children and their parents/caregivers managing the stresses created by the COVID-19 pandemic; providing environments and services that honor the racial, ethnic, and cultural differences among young children and families; and offering strategies for providing trauma-informed care. All trainings are being held virtually until it is safe to provide in-person trainings.

“We thank the Medica Foundation for continuing their long-time support for northeastern Minnesota's young children and families,” said Lynn Haglin, Northland Foundation Vice President and KIDS PLUS Director.