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New logoNorthland Village: an investment in older adults and community vitality

Northland Village was developed by the Northland Foundation to offer high-quality living options to seniors in northern Minnesota's small towns. Aging with Independence has been a focus of the Foundation for more than 25 years. Creating opportunities for seniors to be independent, active, and fulfilled is central to the Foundation’s mission. In 2007, Northland Village became a natural expansion of the mission.

assisted living photosThe values that guide the Northland Foundation also guide Northland Village. The Board of Trustees and staff are dedicated to offering a lifestyle and care tailored to each person’s wishes and needs. No two people are alike, and their individuality and independence should be honored.

Recently, the Northland Foundation debuted a fresh approach to telling the Northland Village story. If you live in the Arrowhead Region, especially near Hoyt Lakes, McGregor, or Buhl, you may notice the colorful orange graphics and "Yes you can" message in print ads and on TV, radio, online, and billboards (below). A new website shares more details about this community investment which supports seniors to live life on their terms.

assisted living billboardThe updated logo, slogan, and photos were created to reflect our deep commitment to offer person-centered, person-directed assisted living, provide meaningful employment to our staff teams, and contribute to rural communities. If you are in the neighborhood of any of our Northland Village locations, please stop by. Visitors are welcome!

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