The Northland Foundation is a place-based, publicly supported foundation working within seven Northeast Minnesota counties and all or parts of five Native nations.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to support Northeast Minnesota people and communities working toward a future where everyone feels they belong and can thrive.

Integrity. Be solid partners: ethical, reliable, and transparent. Keep the mission and values at the forefront.

Respect. Honor different cultures, traditions, and beliefs. Trust communities to know their own challenges and strengths.

Empowerment. Help ensure people and communities can use their voice and power to shape their own lives for the better.

Inclusiveness. Actively work to reach and reflect the diversity of the people and communities served. Be intentional to break down barriers and bring people together.

Tools in Our Toolbox


Grantmaking primarily to nonprofits, Tribal nations, school districts, and Native American people.


Flexible lending and technical assistance to help businesses in our region to start up, sustain, and grow.

Programs & Supports

Community-based and regional programs focused on early childhood, youth development, and intergenerational work.

Convening & Training

Learning opportunities and special events delivered in collaboration with funding and community partners.

How Our Work
is Funded

What is a place-based, publicly supported foundation? It means we work within a specific geographic area and are required to raise money from a variety of sources to fund our work.

More than 90% of funds we have raised come from sources outside our region – state and federal government, foundations, and corporate or individual donors – to support people and communities here at home.

For a copy of our most recent Form 990, please contact us.

If you are curious about ways to financially support the work of the Northland Foundation, reach out anytime or visit the Donate page on this site.

From traditional, ancestral & contemporary lands of Ojibwe, Dakota, Northern Cheyenne & other Native people. See a more detailed acknowledgement of this land and its history.


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