If you care for the young children of a relative, friend, or neighbor, you can receive FREE resources and attend FREE Play & Learn events through this special program!

Are you caring for the young children of a family member, friend, or neighbor? This is for you! 

People who are “Informal”, unlicensed child care providers play an important part in helping children grow, learn, and be ready for school. 

Through this project, FFN providers in northeast Minnesota sites are encouraged to get FREE resources and attend FREE Play & Learn events.

To Learn More About

Family Friend & Neighbor Care resources, contact the partner site nearest to you, using the map below. You can also find helpful information from the State of Minnesota at https://mn.gov/dhs/ffn-minnesota

Who are FFN Child Care Providers?

Many young children are cared for by Family Members, Friends, or Neighbors (FFN) while parents work or go to school. FFN providers might be: 

  • Grandparents
  • Friends of the Family
  • Neighbors in the Community
  • Aunts or Uncles
  • Older Sisters or Brothers

What Can Providers Receive?

Find and call or email the partner site nearest to you, or contact the Northland Foundation (see map, below) for free information and resources: 

  • Sign up for a Play & Learn event
  • Receive free learning materials, books, & toys
  • Find out about nutrition, CPR and first aid, activities, and more
  • Help the children you care for be ready for school
  • Learn about other services and supports

What Are Play & Learns?

Play & Learns are FREE get-togethers for FFN providers, often with the children they are caring for. You can socialize AND learn in a fun setting. It might include: 

  • Make-and-Take activities
  • Information on topics like child development, safety, story time, healthy eating, and play
  • Connections to community resources and services
  • Learning about Legal Non-licensed status and Child Care Assistance
  • Books and other materials to take home and keep

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