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72 quarterly grants awarded January through March 2022
(April 2022)

7 Indigenous individuals receive Maada'ookiing grants totaling $17,000 for diverse community-strengthening projects
(April 2022)

Cayla Bellanger DeGroat joins Northland Foundation staff as Program Officer, with a strong focus on Maada'ookiing Initiative
(March 2022)

Youth In Philanthropy Board awards 8 grants to support children-and-youth led projects
(March 2022)

Two dozen grants totaling more than $500,000 awarded October - December 2021 to nonprofit and community-based organizations and Tribal nations
(January 2022)

Northland Foundation hires Executive Administrator and Program Officer
(January 2022)

Youth In Philanthropy Board awards 6 grants totaling $5,000 to support children and youth led projects in Northeast Minnesota
(November 2021)

18 Indigenous individuals awarded Maada'ookiing Grants totaling $45,000 for community-strengthening projects
(November 2021)

Essentia Health renews support for Thrive in 30th year as a Northland Foundation funding partner
(November 2021)

Northland Foundation awards more than a quarter million dollars in grants July-September 2021
(November 2021)

Board of Trustees elects new members and 2021-2022 officers
(October 2021)

Minnesota Main Street COVID Relief Grants for small businesses: Information and links
(September 2021)

46 grants awarded April through June 2021; 16 grants targeted to programming supporting the wellbeing of children and youth
(August 2021)

Northand Foundation awards first-ever round of Maada'ookiing grants to 13 Indigenous individuals for community work
(August 2021)

Zane Bail promoted to Chief Operating Officer
(July 2021)

Northland Foundation awards more than $1 million in grants January through March including Youth In Philanthropy spring 2021 grants
(May 2021)

Northland Foundation introduces Maada’ookiing, an Indigenous-led grassroots grant program to partner with Tribal Nations and Indigenous communities; first round opens May 1st
(April 2021)

State grant award will support Community Hub Collaborative to help regional sites connect pregnant and parenting families with services
(March 2021)

KIDS PLUS Youth In Philanthropy Board awards 7 grants totaling $6,570 to support children-and-youth led projects
(February 2021)

More than $850,000 in grants awarded in last quarter of 2020; major share of grants support COVID-19 relief and recovery
(February 2021)

Northland Foundation adds Lisa Shrum to staff team in accounting
(January 2021)

LeAnn Littlewolf hired as Senior Program Officer working with Maada'ookiing program and Board
(December 2020)

Students on the KIDS PLUS Youth In Philanthropy Board award six grants totaling $5,040 in October 2020 grant round
(November 2020)

Northland Foundation Board elects three new trustees and 2020-2021 officers
(November 2020)

$1.2 million awarded July-September with significant support for community-based Rural Aging work and basic needs in the time of COVID
(October 2020)

Northland Foundation awarded $520,000 from CDFI Fund for small business lending in northeastern Minnesota
(October 2020)

140 grants totaling $885,000 awarded April-June 2020, majority aimed at COVID-related relief efforts
(July 2020)

Northland Foundation takes three-pronged approach to COVID-19 relief in northeastern Minnesota
(April 2020)

Northland Foundation awards $551,929 in grants January through March 2020 including 91 Emergency Child Care Grants
(April 2020)

Grants help 3 Tribal Nations expand services for Elders during COVID-19
(April 2020)

Northland Foundation Launches Emergency Child Care Grant Program at the request of Governor Walz
(March 2020)

New, 3-year Integrated Rural Community Aging Program launches with Community Planning and Care Coordination Project in 8 sites
(March 2020)

36 grants totaling $393,720 awarded October-December 2019
(December 2019)

Students on the KIDS PLUS Youth In Philanthropy Board award $4,558 in grants to support five youth-led projects
(November 2019)

Northland Foundation Receives $85,000 for Child Care: DEED funds will support child care startups and expansions
(November 2019)

In 3rd quarter of 2019, Northland Foundation awards 52 grants totaling more than $450,000 in the region
(October 2019)

Northland Foundation awards 42 grants April-June, including over $50,000 for child care expansion in the region
(August 2019)

High school students on the Youth In Philanthropy Board award nine grants totaling nearly $8,000 to youth-driven projects and programs in the region
(May 2019)

Northland Foundation’s KIDS PLUS Youth Leadership Academy 9th graders help at Saint Ann’s Residence Center in Duluth
(May 2019)

29 school districts scheduled to participate in Regional Early Childhood Summit on May 1
(April 2019)

Child Care Center Start-up or Expansion Grant Opportunity announced: applications for up to $10,000 due May 10th
(April 2019)

24 grants totaling $246,830 awarded in first quarter of 2019 to northeastern MN nonprofits, Tribal Nations, and schools
(April 2019)

Child care in Minnesota: A no-longer-'quiet' crisis demands attention
(March 2019)

Young people of the Youth In Philanthropy Board award $4,000 to youth-driven projects in Cloquet, Two Harbors, Intl. Falls, and regionwide within Winter 2019 grantmaking round
(March 2019)

45 grants totaling $525,624 awarded October through December 2018 to serve people and communities in the region
(January 2019)

Youth In Philanthropy Board awards 13 grants to youth-planned and -implemented projects in the region
(November 2018)

54 grants totaling $380,225 awarded July through September
(November 2018)

Northland Foundation Board announces three new Trustees, 2018-2019 Executive Committee elected
September 2018

Northland Foundation announces applications are available for 2018-2019 Early Learning Scholarships
August 2018

46 grants totaling $576,800 awarded April through June by the Northland Foundation; Rural Aging Initiative accounts for $312,500 of total grants
July 2018

Area students serving on Minnesota Power Youth In Philanthropy Board approve $11,101 in 14 grants to youth-led projects
May 2018

Northland Foundation awards 45 grants totaling $526,240 in first quarter of 2018, child care grants and aging services capacity-building grants highlighted
April 2018

Teams from 26 northeastern Minnesota school districts participating in Early Childhood Summit on April 19
April 2018

Governor Dayton proclaims March 20, 2018 as Minnesota Early Childhood Initiative Day
March 2018

Minnesota Power Foundation Youth In Philanthropy awards 9 youth-driven grants
February 2018

Northland Foundation awards $507,165 in 37 grants in 4th quarter; significant funding made to youth programming
January 2018

Northland Foundation and five other Minnesota Initiative Foundations reaffirm commitment to local early childhood efforts
January 2018

Three organizations receive Rural Aging Initiative "Aging Innovations" Major Grants totaling $141,000
December 2017

Youth In Philanthropy student board awards more than $9,000 in 12 grants to support youth-led projects in the region
October 2017

Northland Foundation announces 2017 third quarter grants
October 2017

Northland Foundation receives $686,500 from US Treasury CDFI Fund for business lending capital
September 2017

Northland Foundation announces upcoming Aging Innovations Major Grants opportunity supporting wellbeing and independence of older adults in northeastern Minnesota
September 2017

Northland Foundation and Minnesota Compass invite public to free listening sessions in Grand Rapids and Hibbing to discuss expanding data and tools for communities in northeastern Minnesota
August 2017

Grant Opportunity for creative strategies for aging-in-place opens August 15th
August 2017

Northland Foundation administering Early Learning Scholarships to families in Northeast MN
July 2017

35 grants totaling $342,700 awarded April-June, including 5 child care expansion grants
July 2017

Minnesota Power Foundation Youth In Philanthropy Board awards $11,057 to 12 youth-driven projects in the region
June 2017

Northland Foundation awards $406,130 in 33 grants to nonprofits serving northeastern Minnesota, including $260,000 for social enterprise
April 2017

Job Posting: Small Business Consultant at the Northeast Minnesota Small Business Development Center

ASBDC Core Competencies: Small Business Consultant at the Northeast Minnesota Small Business Development Center

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